Considered as royal food and also known as liquid gold. First sweet thing ever tested by human. It is the greatest gift of nature to mankind, processed by honey bees in their bee hives. They convert nectar of flower into honey be regurgitation process.

Honey is basically supersaturated sugar solution, and due to high volume of solute osmotic pressure is very high. Water content is also very low in honey which decreases its water activity. And due to high osmotic pressure and low water activity microbial activity is minimal. In other word honey can’t be spoil easily and It also increases the life span of honey. Even honey is found in the tomb of King Tut in good condition which is about 2000 years old.

Honey is called as Elixir (Honey dew) in Indian Vedas. Honey is universally used as nutrient supplement, medicine, food additive and for cosmetics purposes. In Ayurveda honey is called ‘Yogavahi’, which means substance which can penetrate the deepest tissue. Honey is generally taken along with herbal medicine; honey increases the absorption of the medicine in the body and makes it more effective.